Quality is guaranteed

We want you to get the very best from our clothing. Every item we sell goes through rigorous quality, safety and durability testing to make sure every shoe, coat, jacket, jeans and jumper looks great, fits perfectly and lasts ages.

A fine fit

No shrinking or losing shape

Strength and durability

No colour changes


Size Guide

Measuring tips

- To get the most accurate measurements, you should measure yourself while barefoot and while only wearing underwear.

- Don’t pull the tape measure too tight, but don’t have it too loose either – just a little loose.

- Ask someone else to take the measurements if possible.

- Jacket and coat measurements take into account that they’re meant to be worn on top of clothing. There’s no need to go up a size when making your choice.

- Some of the sizing of our brand ranges may differ slightly to those in this guide. Our guide will, however, provide a good general guideline.